Hickory Grove Farm is one of the premier housing developments in Hudsonville, Michigan. Having a good mix of sites that are ready for house construction as well as homes that are ready for sale, Hickory Grove is one of the best places to settle down or to invest in property.

Hickory Grove is conveniently located just miles away from everything that you need for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Whether it is entertainment, healthcare, education, or recreation, Hickory Grove is at the perfect location to access all these amenities without having to get caught up in rush hour traffic!

The Hickory Grove Farm community lies within the Hudsonville school district, which makes several prestigious private schools easily accessible to it. These include schools like Unity Christian High and Freedom Baptist.

If you want to dine out or take your friends and family for an entertaining evening out, you have all that you need just minutes away from you. Some of the best fine and casual dining establishments are all near Hickory Grove. You are also near some of the most popular beaches in West Michigan if you live in Hickory Grove.

If you feel like taking a stroll through picturesque walking trails, you have the popular Hager Park just nearby. This is a 104-acre park that has everything from nature trails to picnic areas and playgrounds. You can enjoy the beautiful spring wildflowers which are a highlight of the hardwood forest in this park in the months of April and May.

Living in Hickory Grove makes you spoilt for choice when it comes to the best malls of Michigan. The hub of Michigan’s entertainment, shopping, dining and nightlife, the Downtown Grand Rapids, is easily reachable from Hickory Grove. You also have RiverTown Crossings, Michigan’s premier destination for branded outlets and movies.

Buying a home in Hickory Grove is not only a worthwhile investment in property, which will see huge dividends as the years roll by, by also a great place to put down your roots. Custom homes start at an affordable $199,900. You have an added advantage of not having any association fees to pay. The streets are all lined with sidewalks, making this a very convenient and comfortable neighborhood to walk through.

Homes in Hickory Grove come with spectacular views all around. They are equipped with the latest appliances and have modern floor plans. There are houses that have bedrooms from two to four, ranging in square footage from 1000 to more than 3000 square feet.

Having a home in Hickory Grove is a master investment that will stand you in good stead for years to come. Having a home located in such a well-developed neighborhood, in a prestigious school district, and close to all major entertainment, dining and shopping hubs of Michigan, means that you have a home that only increases in value as the years go by. Not to mention, your standard of living, comfort, and luxury remains the same, if not increasing in quality as the years go by.

The streets of Hickory Grove Farms include: Arcadia, Glacier, Yosemite, Jasper, Zion, Bryce, Biscayne and Mesa Verda.

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